Work in progress: Graph views using the example of Neo4j

Some time has passed since my last blog post. Because of that, I want to share a little bit about the current project I am working on. My current project (also my thesis project, thus i can’t reveal everything just now) revolves around views in graph databases and Neo4j in particular.

Views are a very popular feature of relational database management systems. Graph databases like Neo4j don’t have a similar concept as of yet. But for multiple reasons views would be a desirable feature for graphs. My thesis discusses how graph views and virtual entities may fit into the Cypher query language and how they could be implemented into Neo4j.

Microsoft Uni Hackathon 2016: Hack@Home in Dresden

The kind people from Microsoft in cooperation with ThyssenKrupp Elevators decided to host a hackathon at TU Dresden. From 21.10.2016, 16:30 p.m. till 12:00 p.m. of the next day, students and others talked, laughed, coded and worked on the task of combining elevator data with IoT technology to improve predictive elevator maintenance. Fortunately for my team, we did win the challenge!   Continue reading

My Graphistania podcast interview

Some weeks ago, I got interviewed by Rik van Bruggen for the Graphistania podcast. We talked about my Wikipedia Game GraphGist, my work on parallel algorithms in Neo4j and the master thesis, I am currently writing. The interview can be found at:

A transcript of it is available at Riks Blog:

HackZurich 2016

So I attended Europe’s biggest hackathon, HackZurich 2016. Let me share some thoughts about this equally fun and exhausting adventure and the project that we did. Even though some of the remarks might sound negative, the whole hackathon was a lot of fun. If I get the chance to, I would gladly repeat it.

About the hackathon

HackZurich took place at Technopark (what a great name!) in Zurich (CH). Like any hackathon it was (obviously) about working on a new project for (as much as you could last of) 40 hours and meeting some companies along the way. Continue reading

GraphGist: Wikipedia Game

A while ago, I wanted to distract myself a little bit from my student research project. So I gave the Neo4j Winter GraphGist Challenge a go. Luckily for me, I did win the Public Web API category and was therefore able to attend the GraphConnect Europe 2016 conference in London. Soon I am planning to write more about my stay in London and the awesome people I got to meet there.

For now, I will leave you with my entry for the GraphGist Challenge: GraphGist: Wikipedia Game

Parallel Graph Algorithms in Neo4j

Recently I was interviewed for the wonderful Graphistania Podcast. I got to talk about my previous work with Neo4j and the Diplom thesis (master equivalent) i am currently writing. The prior work was my student research project (“Großer Beleg”; think about it like a smaller master thesis) about “Parallel Graph Algorithms in Neo4j”. I gave a (preview) talk about it at a Graph Database Meetup in December of 2015 and finished my work on this years 29th of April 😀 . Since then, the guys at Neo Technology didn’t stay idle and released Neo4j version 3.0 which made some of my work a little bit outdated. Mainly because i would have loved to integrate user defined procedures. Some of my code i contributed to the Awesome Procedures On Cypher (APOC) repository (hopefully I can find the time to provide more of it in the future).

Nonetheless, I wanted to “publish” my work here, in case someone wants to learn about parallel graph algorithms like Random Walk and Connected Components and how you can easily integrate them into the Neo4j server. It can be found here. Please note that it is fully written in German and that it is my first real scientific work. The corresponding repository can be found here.

If you are planning on using Neo4j’s Kernel API to create the fastest possible extensions/procedures for your server, i recommend you give it a try. But since i made the mistake to write it in German, I will try to extract the relevant parts into future blog posts in English.

Hello world!


This blog is all about my work with databases, graphs and Neo4j in particular. But there is also so much more I want to write about. For example: the degree I am currently doing at TU Dresden or my work as a student counsellor. So, stay tuned for what’s coming!

Whenever I feel like talking about a specific topic, I’ll make a blog post in the language that best suits the topic. For example: When discussing my work with Neo4j I’ll try to post completely in  English. Posts about my work at TU Dresden may be written in German 🙂