About Me

Hi! My name is Sascha Peukert. I am currently pursuing my Diplom degree (master equivalent) in computer science at TU Dresden. Mainly I am all about software, databases, graphs and especially Neo4j. Alongside my studies I work as a student counsellor and I am involved in several boards and committees at the faculty of computer science. Here are some other random facts about me:


  • am an IBM Certified Database Associate and a Professional Certified Neo4j Developer
  • like bicycling and swimming
  • love working with graphs
  • mostly work with Java and Scala
  • am always open for learning cool new stuff
  • should properly update this blog and this site in the future if I do decide to post stuff again (written in 2019)

Whenever I feel like talking about a specific topic, I’ll make a blog post in the language that best suits the topic. For example: When discussing my work with Neo4j I’ll try to post completely in  English.